a strategic partner for future
friendly industry champions.
a strategic partner for future
friendly industry champions.
a strategic partner for future
friendly industry champions.
a strategic partner for future
friendly industry champions.

We work with people who solve real problems for our clients, partners and society. In the long run, compounding and sustainability
are powerful forces as applied to all matters financial and social. They are not only interdependent but also become indistinguishable.

Our Partners

Our view is global. Our partners build businesses which compete and participate in global structural growth trends.

"I have dealt with many investors over the years and Venturen is by far one of the best! Their attention to detail, knowledge, execution and guidance is like no other. They form very much part of your business family ensuring you reach new heights, with a vast network in every industry, always putting you directly in front of the right decision maker."
- Stuart Hazell, Co-founder FoodSupplyNetwork

"Having Venturen as a partner brought value to Linebooker far outside the realm of the normal expectations of an investor partnership. Their “Think Bigger” approach, broad business network introduction and diligent support has propelled our growth trajectory. Regular interaction with the Venturen team has raised our internal expectations and standards to a different level."
- Nick Hoffman, Co-founder Linebooker
“After going on a year of partnership, we have been most impressed by the introductions that they have made, many of which have been instrumental in our growth. They have participated in our races, joined our strategy sessions and when asked been there as a friendly sounding board during the hair-raising life of our new business.”
- Richard McMartin, Co-founder Torpedo SwimRun

"They understand the nuances of working with music artists, have a determined vision and honest ambition to offer innovative solutions for a ravaged industry. And they are fun to work with!"
- Dr. Schalk van der Merwe, Founder Bandwithpro

Our Approach
We are patient and deliberate in our resource and capital allocation and rely on a sustainable framework to guide our decisions.
We do not compromise on the integrity of our Partners, People or Assets.
Participation in an industry with healthy long term dynamics is essential.
Within these industries, attractive market positioning and a relentless focus on durable competitive advantage.
We focus on attractive risk-reward dynamics with a reliable asset underpin or capital light scalability.
We employ our own capital and time first and we do not rely on leverage for value creation.
Our people

We have a clear strategic direction and a value centric approach to doing what we do, well. We are a trusted network of partners best described by our association with the executive teams, clients and investors in our portfolio companies, and their contribution to society. The partners at Venturen have extensive international experience in alternative and traditional asset classes ranging from private and public equity to private and public real estate, hedge funds, forex, venture capital and corporate finance advisory mandates in various sectors. For more information on the Venturen partners, see the executive director section of 12Cape.

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