venturen. a strategic capital partner for future friendly industry champions.

Why?     We spend time with people who solve real problems for our clients, partners and society. In the long run, compounding and sustainability are powerful forces as applied to all matters financial and social. In due course they are not only interdependent but also become indistinguishable.

How?     We are patient and deliberate in our resource and capital allocation and rely on a sustainable framework to guide our decisions: 

We do not compromise on the quality of our Partners, People or Assets.

A considered case for participation in an industry with robust long term dynamics is essential. This includes a reasonable expectation that technological advances will promote, as opposed to disrupt, our efforts.

Within this, we find or promote an attractive market positioning and a relentless focus on durable competitive advantage.

We are conservative in the use of our capital and create alignment with our partners. We employ our own capital first and we do not rely on leverage for value creation.

It is for this reason that we focus on attractive risk-reward dynamics with a reliable asset underpin or capital light scalability. Especially if beneficial network effects reward  outstanding client experiences. 

Our view is global. Our partners build businesses which can compete and participate in global structural growth trends with limited single country risk.


12Cape is a permanent capital vehicle which participates in the structural long term growth dynamics of the global tourism sector. It invests in yield producing, prime real estate assets within a tax efficient vehicle to deliver an attractive risk-return profile for investors. Cape Town is a world class city and will participate in this growth. 12CAPE is a registered Financial Services Provider, FSP 48880. #12J #riskreturn #focused #verylongterm #PCV #globaltourism #localtourism #jobcreation #worldclass #capetownisworldclass #primeproperty #scarcity

The FoodSupply Network ("FSN") is an industry leading, high growth enterprise which is revolutionizing the food supply chain in South Africa and beyond. Its founder-management are true professionals who are trusted by industry. Venturen is a capital and strategic partner of FSN and a board participant. #foodsupplynetwork #globalfoodchain #solvingabigproblem #partners #makingadifference #efficiency #growth

Linebooker is the first and largest online transportation platform in South Africa, and it is revolutionizing the industry. Companies, producers and farmers have access to a fleet of 7058 vehicles from over 120 transport companies nationwide. Its managers are industry experts. Venturen, alongside Gem Capital (a subsidiary of African Rainbow Capital) is a proud partner of Linebooker and also represented on its board. #growth #logistics #platform #efficiency #BEE #experts #scale

Fitness and health is a global growth industry. The leading organiser of premier Swimrun adventure racing in the most beautiful natural settings of Africa. The founder management team are industry veterans. Venturen is a proud partner of the TorpedoSwimrun alongside a leading investment holding company solely focused on sports & event ownership in South Africa. #health #fitness #nature #bestintheworld #firsthandexperience #bucketlist #experts


Education is a sector with tremendous potential, especially in Africa and especially given recent technological advances. Venturen has allocated significant time and investment into the sector and have pioneered a highly scalable and highly impactful innovative education & coaching marketplace which is currently in beta testing mode. More details will follow soon. #education #good #marketplace #experts #changinglives #africanopportunity #scale

Contact: The people at venturen have years of international and domestic investment experience and knowledge, and extensive networks to learn from. Find us on LinkedIn, or in the Regent Building in Regent Street in Cape Town